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3,289,950 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

Inspiration 👗👚

This page has been created to help you creative imagination run wild! The below images are pieces that have been created by designers using deadstock purchased through AmoThreads. We hope you enjoy them!

If you have your own creations made using deadstock off the platform you would like to share, then please get in touch as we would love to see what you have been working on!


Dress by 'Barbara V' using Navy & Teal Print
Linen pyjamas by 'Billy Sleeps' using Pink Woven Linen
Up-cycled top by '@sewing.skippy' using Stretch Floral Lace
Dress by '@smcragg' using 100% Cotton Blue Dragon Print
 Dress by '@faithrowanleeves' using Green Chaquered Poplin

 Cushions & Cover throw by '@rarebirdworkshophandmade' using 100% Cotton Heron Print

Cushion Covers made by '@rarebirdworkshophandmade' using 100% Cotton Songbirds print

Sustainable Wedding Dress made by 'Gaia & Nyx' using 100% Linen and White Lace

Skirt made by '@_saphari' using "100% Cotton Parasol Print"

 Cushion made by Margaret Vincent using 'Cotton Linen Blen Penguin Print'