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325,000,000 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

An important AmoThreads update

Hi there! ☺️
We hope you managed to have a wonderful Christmas! 🎄
The reason we write to you is because we bring good, unexpected news that we hope will end this year on a much brighter note.
This week we were approached by a seller from the site who expressed interested in acquiring AmoThreads and running the site themselves independently. We couldn't be happier that our dream will keep going, even if it's without us.
A few things will be different, as we won't (Ryan & Sara) be carrying on with AmoThreads as we do now. However, we know for sure that you will be in great hands with the new team!
We will be here as normal for the next few weeks and after that you will be able to contact the team just as normal (via the site, email, social media). Again, all pending orders will be sent just as normal! New orders are still also been processed through the site.
We would just like to say a HUGE thank you for all of the messages and support we have received - we were devastated by the sad news that we had to close, but this really is a light at the end of the tunnel. We also want to wish you all the best and say good luck to all of the small businesses and small companies in this odd period. It has been a though year but in one way or another, we will make it 🙂
We are of course here for any questions in the meantime, but please do bear with us as this was all unexpected for us too!
Take care,
Ryan & Sara