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325,000,000 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

5 reasons to use deadstock fabric ♻️

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

Have you thought about using deadstock fabric in your next collection? Do you have a few questions you're still unsure about? To help you, we've listed here five reasons why you should use deadstock and how using deadstock can help make a difference to the environment!

It's a sustainable option

Using deadstock is probably one of the most sustainable options there is when choosing your fabrics. One main reason is that the fabric is already there! This fabric has been produced already and is just sat waiting to be used. Because it's already been made, this means that no extra water is needed, and the whole process to make the fabric has been done!

You're helping to save water

The amount of water needed to make fabrics is staggering - 2700 litres is the amount of water needed to produce the cotton needed to make just one single t-shirt...

By using deadstock means you are saving the water that was once needed to make the fabrics in the first place (and would go to waste when the fabrics get destroyed), and you are also saving the extra water that would be needed to make even more new fabrics!

The fabrics would go to landfill

Deadstock fabrics (unfortunately) are normally destined for the landfill as they have been overproduced, not wanted anymore or may have a slight defect. By using deadstock means you are actually helping save these fabrics from ending up in the ground (or burnt!). Around the world every year there is approx. $100BN worth of deadstock that will end up going to waste, even though there is nothing at all wrong with these fabrics.

You can buy deadstock in smaller quantities

A bonus with deadstock is that the majority of it doesn't have the huge minimum order quantities. The reasons for this are A) there isn't loads of meterage left B) if the fabric isn't sold, then it's just going to end up as waste! This is both a great option for making limited edition pieces and to do some test runs before you make bigger batches!

You can find some treasures 

Using deadstock means that you are maybe using some fabrics that might not have been available or in the public eye for a long time - this means that you can get your hands on some real treasures! Best of all, it makes your pieces totally unique!


Whilst we know this is just a few of the benefits, we hope this helps you when you start your next fabric sourcing task!

To start your deadstock journey you can check out the fabrics that AmoThreads is helping to save here.

If there is anything we don't have and you would like to have access to then drop us a message!

We can't wait to see what you make!