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Why is deadstock, deadstock?

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

You might be thinking to yourself, 'Why is deadstock fabric, deadstock?'. The answer to this can be numerous reasons why, so we've listed just a few of them below!

  • Some fabrics may have defects on them, (this will always be made clear on the description). When we say defect, we don't mean they have a hole in them for example, but this could be something simple like the pin stripes we're not evenly spread out. 
  • One other reason why some of the fabrics are left as deadstock, is because they might not have turned out the exact colour that was first hoped for. E.g. the green might be a different shade as to what was wanted. Whilst this would cause problems for someone who didn't want that colour, it is another persons treasure!
  • Another reason why these fabrics are classed as deadstock can be that they were over ordered. For example, a client may have ordered the fabric with the aim of making 100 dresses, but in the end they only made 80 and they don't want the remaining fabric, so it gets left at the mill/manufacturer in a ware house until one day it when it then goes to the landfill or gets burned.

Whilst these are just a few of the reasons why these fabrics get left to go to waste, there are many more reasons that mean these (generally perfectly fine) fabrics end up having a shorter life than expected.

As we have mentioned multiple times before, it's expected that every year there is around USD$100 Billion worth of deadstock sat in warehouses....and we want to help!