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Slow living

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

Slow living, slowly. This is a lifestyle that suggests that we should not just live slowly because of the world's constant acceleration, but also be inspired by simple and real beliefs, so you can learn how to enjoy every moment.
Slow Living represents a reprioritization, a re-emphasis on authenticity as a reaction to the super sized, big box, one-size-fits-all, mass-production trend that has marked this century.” 
But how can we slow down and live slowly?

Be present

We tend to do a million things and be thinking about another million at the same time. All of the things we have to do invade our thoughts and don’t let us be 100% mindful of what we are doing - this doesn’t allow us to enjoy the moments and be present. It’s a process that takes time but we should free our mind and focus on what’s happening at the moment, not worrying about the past or the future.

Build rituals into your day

Our days are spent in a rush. We hurry to get ready in the morning, to get to work, to have lunch, to get back to work, to leave work...We live our lives like we’re always late. One thing that can help to slow down this pace is to build rituals into our mornings and evenings. Obviously this won’t happen all at once, but with time you’ll see it’s worth it. Start by trying to wake up and take 10 minutes to stretch your body and take deep breaths, before anything else. You’ll see that this will boost your productivity and make you feel better all day!

Connect with nature

It’s known that spending time in nature and green spaces is beneficial for your health. You can reduce stress just by having a walk or doing other outdoor activities everyday in a green area. This will help you to reduce your heart pace and to control any anxiety that’s present. Take a deep breath of fresh air and you’ll realise you’ll start to see things more clearly.

Take time to eat

Eating in a rush can be a cause of stress. Instead, try to take at least 30 minutes to have your meal without worrying about anything else, enjoying the tastes and textures. Also, take time to prepare your food - learn how to cook instead of buying processed food.

Have an hobby

Some people see hobbies as a “luxury” they can’t afford, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to a home-work life. One of the things that can help you reduce stress is creating something from scratch. Why not learn how to sew and make your own clothes or up-cycle what you already have? You can even up-cycle your home interiors! You’ll see that creating something with your hands will make you feel peaceful and accomplished! If you create something with our deadstock fabrics, don’t forget to share it with us!

We would love to see how are you adopting a slow living life and helping reduce waste with us!