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How to keep your mind fresh during the lockdown

Posted by Amo Threads on

We know…this is a hard and challenging time during this strange period we’re living. But let’s stay positive! We've put together a few ideas that will help you not just keep your mind active, but will help you to leave this lockdown with a new mindset!

Dress to impress!

Working from home? Take off your pyjamas and wear something nice. Dress yourself as if you were heading out to the office as normal! Take out some old forgotten items in your wardrobe (we bet you have plenty) and combine them in different ways to create different outfits. You will be surprised to see how you can refresh your style with what you already have, but with a different mindset. Your daily walk never looked so fabulous!

Hobbies Galore!

Did you have a hobby you used to love before and just never have the time anymore?! You’ve now probably already seen everything there is to watch on Netflix, so why not get to work and pick back up that hobby or start a new one?! Use your skills and improve yourself, your home and your closet. Look around your place and get inspired. On The Spruce you can find a ton of wonderful ideas, just by using what you already have and what you already know. And even if you don't find any amazing new outfit combinations from step 1, don’t worry, you can always up-cycle your old items and give them a new life. On Morning Chores you can find ideas on how to repurpose a simple t-shirt in loads of different ways. You already have the skills, now it’s showtime!

Improve yourself!

This is the perfect time to better yourself in every way! Learn a new skill or find a new passion. We’re living in strange times, but the truth is, new learning material has never been so easy to access. You can literally find anything online. From cooking to sewing, you can leave this lockdown with a master’s degree in pillow making or even dog dress design. Put the fabric glue aside and let’s learn how to actually sew. Alongside the mental therapy it provides, it’s also an easy way to upgrade your home decoration and reinvent your closet. On Instructables Craft you can learn the most basic steps in the sewing world and find tutorials on how to make amazing projects! Trust us, your creations will be your new favourite pieces!

Stay connected! 

Don’t lose contact with your loved ones. Take time from your newly-found journey of improvement and creation to check on them and be social. Call them, video chat with them and gift them with your new abilities. You can always send them personalised gifts or materials to inspire them to start their own self-improvement journeys. We have a whole Inspiration Page where your creations and your loved ones’ can be shared with thousands of like-minded people on a journey of their own. 


Come out of this quarantine, a better you than before!