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Let's talk about sewing patterns

Posted by Amo Threads on

You've got your fabric, and you've got your thread & needle - now unless you have a pattern memorised (or maybe you don't need one), how do you know how and where to start with making the garment....? In comes your sewing pattern!

Sewing patterns are a huge part of the process in sewing and fashion design. A template for which the parts of the garment are traced onto the fabric before being cut out to be sewed together, normally a pattern is made out of paper, but if they are to be used more frequently and need to be able to withstand more, they may be made out of cardboard.

To start making a pattern this will usually start by it being drafted out on a piece of paper, this is known as a sloper or a block pattern which is used to make a few mock designs. Once this has been done, the pattern can then be used to make other styles of design i.e. different neck lines etc. Sometimes pattern makers will then make a digital version of their pattern so that it is easier to store and send when needed.

It's said that William Jennings Demorest and Ellen Louise Demorest started the sewing pattern trend in 1860 by hosting fashion shows in their home and selling patterns!

Bigger commercial companies will make their own patterns and will even have a specialised in house pattern maker to make these patterns. These patterns will be used time and time again for the same garments. For more bespoke and smaller companies, the pattern will be made to measure depending on the type of garment and person the end piece is going to be made for.

Some companies even specialise is producing and/or making patterns to sell to designers and brands. One company in particular is Vintage Sewing Pattern Company, an online store specialising in not only just sewing patterns, but vintage sewing patterns! Gill and Dawn started the company in 2015 after both having long careers in the fashion sector. However, their creative journeys started a lot earlier than that as they both used to watch their parents and grandparents from a very young age sewing both garments and upholstery at home.

On the Vintage Sewing Patten Company you can find patterns from the 1930s onwards, suitable for men, women and children. The site offers both the digital version which can be downloaded straight away, or if you want a physical copy of the pattern, you can also buy the original version - it will even come with slight wear and tear, which is such a great keep sake (the pattern will of course be still fully usable)! What's also great about the site is that on each pattern page it offers the difficulty level, meaning sewers of all abilities can search and browse patterns with ease.

A vintage pattern is such a great way to be able to show off your unique style while also being super comfortable! Once lockdown has ended and we can get back to normal, youll want to wow your friends with a creation you've been making - so why not create your own Marilyn Monroe style dress to really impress them? 

To browse more patterns and see the full range visit the link above!

Happy sewing!