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325,000,000 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

How can you live a sustainable lifestyle? ♻️

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

Whilst we know that not everything in our lives can be 100% sustainable, what we do know is that we can make small changes to some things to help become more sustainable.

To help make even a tiny difference we've listed a few ideas below which could help you contribute to making the world a better place for us and our future generations. 

Use a reusable cup

We all love a takeaway coffee, and whilst this might seem an obvious one now with all of the effort and drive made on this topic, it's surprising how many people still don't own a reusable cup. If you work full time and buy a coffee each morning on your way to work, you will use approx 225 cups throughout the year!

We found this company 'rCUP', that is the brainchild of a former Dyson designer and a team of recycling experts. The rCUP is the worlds first reusable coffee cup made out of used paper cups!


For some people, using a car is the only option to travel around - which when this is the case, that's totally understandable and acceptable. However, one option (and if they are available in your area) is to carpool. UK based company, Liftshare, does exactly this! Alongside reducing CO2 emissions, you are also saving money and sometimes even time (imagine not having to find a parking space!!). On the other hand, why not earn some money and offer lifts yourself? 

For those of you use live in places with great public transport links, this is a great option to help reduce your carbon footprint. By a large number of people using options, such as the bus, that is travelling to the same destination for most people, this is a great way of condensing multiple travellers into one mode of transport.

Reusable bags

The initiative to start charging for plastic bags was brought in in 2015, and was done to reduce the amount of single use plastic bags that were given out. According to ITV, since it was launched the amount of bags issued by the major supermarkets in the UK has declined by 86%!

Whilst this is a HUGE decrease, some of us are yet to make the transition to a reusable bag! To help with that we found this amazing company based in London who create reusable bags (and many other amazing items) out of unused deadstock fabrics! You can check out their instagram here, Burns and Breakey, and keep up to date with any events they will be attending to get your hands on something!

Reuse clothes

You might have heard us mention this one before! But we really think this area can make a real difference, especially when so many pieces of clothing are bought each year! We know that fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter in the world, and so by doing simple things such as the ideas below can make a huge difference!


You might have a piece thats been in your wardrobe for years and you thought you'd never wear it again. Well think again! Why not bring it out of the dark and rewear it? Alright it might not be exactly what's in trend at the moment, but hey, it's better to be different than be like everyone else, right?


Out of one piece of clothing, you can probably get at least one another version! Maybe try adding some different accessories to it, or try amending something to the piece and it will look a completely new piece. You'll have your friends all asking where you got it from before you know it!

Buying items to last 

If you are going to buy something new, then think about buying something that will last for years to come. Forget 'fast fashion' and think about 'slow fashion'. Yes we know that maybe some pieces aren't as cheap, but by investing in something that will last, you are sure to get you return on it!

Use deadstock fabric

We saved this one until last, not only because it is our favourite (we may be slightly biased!!), but we know how much of an effect using deadstock can have. Saving these fabrics is saving them from going to landfill, and the toxic fumes from being released into the atmosphere. It's also saving the huge amount of water needed to make these fabrics in the first place, and also the water needed to make even more new ones!

Deadstock isn't just suitable for fashion pieces, but also for homewares too! On the platform we have a range of fabrics that are suitable for making homeware pieces. You will see this noted in the product descriptions for the fabrics!

This is just a small list if suggestions that most (if not all) of us could adopt. If you havre any suggestions you would like to share, please get in touch as we would love to hear!