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What is London Fashion Week doing to promote sustainability?

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

With the first London Fashion Week of 2020 nearly upon us, we wanted to look and see what they are doing to promote sustainability in the fashion sector. With this event having a huge influence, we really think it’s a great place to shout about and promote sustainability in the fashion sector!

Sustainability Events with Mulberry

To start with, Mulberry will be kicking off London Fashion week with a three-day programme of events all themed around their commitment to sustainability. These include a pop up at their New Bond Street Store where they will be transporting their 'carbon-neutral' Somerset factories, so that the general public can watch their craftspeople in action - you'll be able to see them putting together and creating their 100% sustainable leather tote! Another event is their 'Mulberry Exchange' that will allow the public to have their Mulberry bags authenticated and appraised with the opportunity to put their value against a new bag. Finally, Mulberry will be selling a selection of pre-loved and archived bags that have been lovingly restored at their Somerset factory. 

London Fashion Week Positive Designer Exhibition 

Located at The Store X, The Strand, the Positive Fashion Exhibition is the first of the four global fashion weeks to embrace inclusivity and is a celebration of Positive Fashion. The British Fashion Councils initiative has been designed to champion LFW's there positive fashion pillars; Sustainability, Equality & Diversity and Craftsmanship & Community. It will be an opportunity to meet new brands and discover new experiences that explore stories all based around sustainability. Alongside this it will also give brands the opportunity to tell the public about what they are doing and why, meaning there will be lots to learn!

Ethical Canvas Bags

This year the British Fashion Council and Bags of Ethics™ have collaborated with designer Richard Malone to design this years reusable canvas bag. Malone's research is conducted by engaging with his surroundings and taking inspiration from Ireland's rebellious working class teens! We can't wait to see what they canvas bag looks like!

Swap shop by Patrick McDowell 

In a move to slow the consumption of fashion, this year designer Patrick McDowell has chosen not to show any new clothes, but will be hosting a swap whop in collaboration with Global Fashion Exchange and British Fashion Council. McDowell's pop up will work on a points system that will be determined by the value of the items. Alongside this there will also be a customisation station where guests can personalise their new items with deadstock Swarovski crystals!

Switch to BLUE®

The Switch to BLUE® campaign is an initiative that is supported by Roland Mouret and the BFC that asks designers to switch to Arch & Hook, marine plastic hangers to display their collections. Many designers have already taken this up and will be swapping their plastic hangers for these 100^% recycled ones. 


Whilst there is still a lot of progress to be made in terms of making Fashion Week more sustainable, it's really great to see these things already happening. We can't wait to visit the Positive Designer Exhibition this weekend and we will hopefully see some of you there!