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How much do you know about the history of the fabrics you buy?

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

How much do you know about the history of the fabrics you buy?
Here we have listed some super interesting facts about some popular fabrics that we hope will fascinate you as much as they do us!


The history of linen use goes back 36,000 years.
It was originally used to wrap the bodies of the mummies in the old Egypt, contributing to preserve these treasures through ages - so you can imagine how rare linen was back then!
Since the threads from the plant that linen comes from (flex) are not elastic it’s very difficult to transform them into a cloth without breaking them, and also because the flex plant requires a lot of work and attention during cultivation, this material has always been a premium fabric.
Nowadays, it's used to make clothing, pillows, curtains and combined with cotton, it's used to create dollar bills! 


Originally from the Neolithic China, silk became a source of income for small farmers and as weaving techniques were improving with time, this fabric reputation started to spread around the world, giving it’s name to the great trading network, the Silk Road. Connecting East Asia to India, Europe and Africa, this road across empires reflected the high desires for this fabric that was used to make clothes and decoration but also writers and artists used it as an alternative to paper. 


Originally from Persia sometime in the 12th century, Taffeta (which means "twisted woven") is a crisp and smooth fabric, specially known for its shine and stiff texture. Nowadays, the bulk of this material is produced in India and Pakistan and it comes in a big range of varieties such as lightweight or medium-weight, sheer or opaque, checks or prints. Taffeta was originally made of silk, although today the manufacturing process also uses synthetic fibres, making this fabric suitable for wedding dresses or interiors. During World War II it was also used to make parachutes!!


This material is the outer bark of an evergreen oak known by the Latin name Quercus (oak) Suber (cork) that grows in the Mediterranean and Iberian region. It has been used through ages and the proof for that? Cork stoppers that were found in ancient Egypt tombs dating back thousands of years! People also used it to make sandals and buoys to float fishing nets. 
Cork’s structure is full of empty cells, which makes it a lightweight material and since the old ages it has been proving to have a wide range of applications. Because of its sustainable manufacturing process its a favourite of many designers, due to it been environmentally friendly.


Pieces of cotton were found in caves in Mexico that proved this material was already used at least 7,000 years ago, but  no one really knows how old Cotton actually is! 
The fact is that when Columbus discovered America in 1492 and found cotton growing in the Bahamas, Cotton was already known all over the world! 
Today, Cotton is everywhere. From the Cotton towels you use in the morning, to the Cotton sheets at you sleep in at night, this fabric is super versatile and has millions of uses! Clothing and homeware items are the largest uses but since it’s a strong fabric it’s also used for industrial purposes such as astronauts’ inflight space suits! 
On our site you can find all of these fabrics, plus even more! 
From clothes, shoes, bags, curtains, pillows, there’s a huge variety of things you can make with any of the above.