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How can you take care of your favourite garments?

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

You have heard us talking about sustainability quite a few times. Having a sustainable lifestyle includes a wide variety of options like buy less, buy smarter, recycle, upcycle...but there are many things you can do, starting with your laundry routine! Today, we put up a few tips on how you can take care of your favourite garments (and all the others!) so they can last longer, make you feel better and even help you save a lot of money! 

Sort laundry

This is a very important tip that sometimes we ignore. Sorting our laundry based on cleaning instructions, type of laundry and colour can prevent them from mixing their colours and remember that every fiber has its own specific treatment. Obviously we can’t wash one item at the time but grouping them will surely help! 
Pre stain removal

Before you wash your clothes, pay attention to any stains they might have. Use cold water and soap to remove them before putting your pieces in the washing machine. With this you’ll be able to avoid the fibres weakening. A good tip is to remove stains as soon as possible so the dirt won’t get encrusted on the fibers. 
“Dry Clean Only”? Yes!
Never wash at home your pieces marked with the label “Dry Clean Only”. These can lose its properties like the colour, shine and texture. Even if you do it and it worked, you’re destroying little fibers that you can’t see and with time, these pieces don’t last long.

Water temperature

We always want our clothes to be immaculate so we tend to wash everything with hot water. This is a bad idea. Each fiber reacts differently with the water temperature but cotton, for example, it shrinks with the heat, and the silk fibers get destroyed and the fabric tears. Remember to follow the instructions on the label to prevent damage.


This is a tricky one. Detergents are really bad for the environment, our clothes and our washing machines. The right one for washing machine use is the liquid detergent but to use it properly we have to choose the right dose which means 10ml/kg if it’s diluted and 5ml/kg if it’s concentrated (a little extra won’t make our clothes cleaner but it will just residues on them, which can lead to allergies). Also, if you’re feeling inspired, you can always try to make your homemade detergent with natural ingredients. If these won’t work for you, there are many brands that can offer natural detergents like Mrs. Meyer's® Lavender Laundry Detergent, that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.


Iron your clothes respecting each fabric type. If the temperature is too high, you can cause loss of colour in your favourite garments. To protect them, iron them inside out at a lower temperature. If you’re iron cotton or linen clothes you’ll need more heat but if it’s organic you’ll need less because of the absence or chemicals that protect it. The solution is to keep trying until you find the right temperature!


It’s really important that you pay attention when it’s time to store your garments because this might change their shape. Heavy jerseys can stretch a lot if you hang them and on the other hand silk shirts or dresses can get crumpled if you fold them. 

All of these tips can help your favorite garments last longer which is great for the environment and your wallet. But don’t throw away your old clothes if they’re ripped or damaged. There’s always a solution! You can fix them with little pieces of fabric or different accessories, upcycling them! We have a wide variety of cotton, linen and even buttons that you can use to make your garments look even better! Best part? It’s deadstock! Which means you’re not just saving your clothes but also saving these fabrics from the landfill!
What are you waiting for? Get inspired and don’t forget to share your creations with us!