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How can we still do our part to help the planet? 🌱🌍

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

We know we’re living strange times that are affecting our routines, but how can we maintain our sustainable lifestyles and still do our part to help the planet? There are still many things you can do from home, so we leave you here a few tips that will help you to keep sustainability on top of your priorities!

Keep recycling! 

Don’t forget that we are still throwing items away (probably more at the moment), so notice that they should always be separated in order to help this waste head to the correct place, and to helping avoid the production of new ones! At you can find the first steps you need to follow to start recycling and even have a look on how you can recycle specific items!


Residential waste is made up of 40% compostable materials. This means you can avoid that amount of garbage to end up in a landfill just by composting your food and garden waste at home. This option not just helps you to save money and resources (because you don’t need to buy chemical fertilizers and it helps to moisturize the soil so you water less) but you’re also reducing your impact by reducing the Green House Gases emissions in landfills! To learn how to start composting you can watch this video where Green Action Centre explains it all! 

Reduce waste

Packaging helps keep food fresh, but it also generates a lot of trash. There are little tips you can follow when you go shopping to help you reduce your ‘shopping footprint” like buying reusable cotton bags to transport your fruit and vegetables, instead of the thin plastic disposable ones that end up in the trash as soon as you get home. You can also choose your products based on their packaging, i.e if it’s reusable or recyclable. 


Take a moment to look around. Do you have things that you no longer use? Make a selection of the things you really want to keep and the ones you can give another purpose to. We have a great selection of deadstock fabrics that can be useful in the process so you can up-cycle your items and turn them into completely different ones! You’re not just creating something totally new, but also helping to save the world! You can check some cool ideas on our blog post “Create a project using deadstock!” or get inspired by our customers creations on our Inspiration page!


Take this time to reflect on how you can still do your part to help the planet. On the way, take the step (even if a small one) to do all the things you said you would do later (after that holiday, after work, after all the other things), such as that old jar that needs painting or that beautiful dress that needs a stitch. Let’s make the world a better place, starting at home!

Let us know your ideas and solutions! We would love to hear how you are dealing with this period and reinventing our house 🏡☺️