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Handmade: the new trend

Posted by Amo Threads on

The fashion world is slowing down. We’ve been witnessing the growth of sustainable and local businesses that offer natural and organic handmade pieces, a tendency that counters the fast fashion movement.

For artisans, their work is almost like their refuge and they practice making every item with love, leaving a piece of themselves on it. For those who aim to be just hobbyists in this world, we have a few tips on how you can start!

Start with you!

The best way to start is to choose what you would like to make and choose the right materials. Instead of starting big, try to choose pieces that you can upcycle first. We all have those items we don’t use much hidden in our closet, so make a selection and start working on those. With a different piece of fabric, a few mendings or alterations and some accessories (like cute buttons or a lace), your old pieces will look like new! Also, you can try to give a new purpose to these pieces. This process will help you to use more what you already have without having to buy new items! On the Sewing Loft, you will learn how you can upcycle your old items, just with some imagination!

Your home, your heart

After you are comfortable with the techniques you need to start actual projects, you can begin the adventure of transforming your home! Cushions, bedding clothes, tablecloths, runners, napkins, aprons, curtains...even upholstery! It’s an endless world! All it takes is one successful attempt and step by step, you will start to feel home with these decoration notes made with love! On Provident Home Designer, you’ll find some ideas on how (just with a piece of fabric!) you can turn your home more...you!

Gift your friends and loved ones!

All this love you put into making pieces can be shared with your loved ones. Instead of buying them something new on special occasions, make them even more special by giving them something unique made by you! Bags, phone cases, storage baskets, sleep masks...on DIY Joy you can learn how to make these amazing gifts, and a lot more! Everyone will love them and, with the right support and motivation, why not start a business from something that used to be a hobby?  We never know! 


Let’s put these ideas to practice and don’t forget to share your lovely creations with us! If you’re not feeling inspired, just have a look at our Inspiration Page and check all the cool things our customers have been doing with fabrics that otherwise would go to waste! Even better than creating something unique is that, with our fabrics, you are also helping to save the planet. What a great combination right? Enjoy!