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Getting back to reality

Posted by Amo Threads on

“Lockdown” was a scary word when all this pandemic started. We were afraid to be at home with all the routine changes that would come. Some of us started new projects, learned new skills or just rested. The truth is that this virus came to change our lives. We had to adopt all kinds of precautions to keep us and our loved ones safe. Now, it’s time to slowly get back to reality. But a different one.

Give yourself time to adjust to this new world. It’s normal if you feel anxious or insecure so take it easy. One way to do it is to incorporate in your routine things that you used to do before. Here you have some ideas that might help you get back to reality without losing your mind, in a sustainable way!

“What you made during lockdown, doesn’t stay in lockdown”

That’s right! Now it’s time to show off your beautiful creations. Use that beautiful blouse you made or invite your friends to check out those brand new cushions you sewed and be proud of them. They are as unique as you and you’ll see everyone will love them! You can also keep on making those special gifts to brighten up a special occasion or everyday items like face masks! You can always share them with us and be featured on our Inspiration Page

Don’t buy what you don’t need

We were at home for months so it’s normal we have that urge to buy new things. Be careful with what you buy and don’t buy what you don’t need. This lockdown has shown us that we don’t have to buy all the things we need, we can also create them! So keep on creating your clothes, your home decoration items and much more! Instead of having what everybody else has, use your imagination to have unique pieces!

Buy local

Help your community and your country. This pandemic had a big impact on the world’s economy so it’s a good time to support your friend’s businesses and buy local. Some closed their doors but kept running, so you can always order from them or use the take away service. And even if you don’t buy, one way to help these small businesses is to recommend their service. Use your social media to spread the word, it costs nothing and you are helping others to get out of this crisis.


And you? What are you doing while leaving the lockdown? We would love to hear your ideas!