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Create a project using deadstock!

Posted by Amo Threads on

We know our planet is facing challenging times and, in order to be safe, we must change our lifestyles which we all know is going to result in more time at home. 
With this in mind, we put together a few ideas on how you can use deadstock fabrics to create small projects that will help make the next few weeks fly past! If you don’t even know how to sew a button, don’t worry, you can find some nice tips at Crazy Little Project. It explains all you need to know to give the first steps in the sewing world.

Home Decoration

This is the perfect time to create something special for your home. You can always choose to make things yourself like using a piece of fabric to make new napkins, tablecloths, table runners and even tapestry - you can find amazing ideas at Almost Makes Perfect plus great DIY tutorials. Why not sew new cushions or a throw? Or even a lampshade? Check out our Inspiration page to see some cool ideas! Another idea is to create some chairs covers so you can give another life to your dining room - we have a wide selection of fabrics that are great for this like our Jacquards
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also line a wall with fabric. Make your feature wall look amazing and you will have the feeling that your room will look and feel completely different! If you don’t want to do a wall, how about as new set of curtains? We have several rolls of fabric with enough fabric to put these ideas into practise!

Wrapping Gifts with fabric

This is an idea that will not just eliminate single use objects like sellotape, wrapping paper and ribbons, from your home and landfill, but also gives a personal touch to your gifts. Be sure to let the recipient know that the fabric can be used again!
You can find some great techniques at fabric.com so you can learn how to make your gifts even more special and personalized! 

Renew your closet

There are 2 ways you can renew your closet without leaving home. The first one is to create unique pieces with our deadstock fabrics. You can make t-shirts, shorts, sweaters and any other pieces of your favourite type of clothing.
The other way you can reinvent your closet is to give your pieces a new purpose. You can upcycle old items turning them into completely different ones! You can also add small details like our laces or buttons and you’ll see you’ll fall in love with those items you had put aside for so long! You can find some really great ideas at Good House Keeping like using a t-shirt to make a reusable grocery bag or making a denim rug! 


You’re not just keeping yourself busy, but you are saving money, helping the environment and creating unique pieces that will get compliments from everyone!

We know we are not supposed to be with each other but you can always share your creations with us virtually online - we would love to see what you can make with our deadstock fabrics! And also, let us know if you have more ideas! 

Let’s stay safe. Far but close :)