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325,000,000 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

A little bit about us and how AmoThreads started

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

We are living turbulent times. People are isolating themselves more than ever, and we know we have to be apart now, so we can hug our loved ones later. With all of this, we thought you might wonder who’s behind your screen at AmoThreads and it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves!

AmoThreads started when we started to be aware of the huge amount of waste in the Fashion world. We started to look at the facts and numbers and it was obvious for us: we needed to start doing something about it! We also started to understand, by speaking to designers who wanted to use deadstock, that this was a huge holdback for them, in most part, because there’s no easy access to these fabrics, that otherwise would go to waste. 

It was clear that we needed to create something that connected these two distant parts and brought them together! With this in mind, AmoThreads was created in August 2019.

Our goal was clear from the beginning, to help reduce the huge amount of fabric that is sat in warehouses waiting to go to waste.  It's estimated that there is approx. USD $100BN of this fabric around the world... every year! And it’s not just this. When garments are cut out as patterns, for instance, as much as 15% of the fabric can end up on the cutting room floor. Can you imagine the amount of this fabric that you could use in your projects? That’s why, whilst doing this, we're giving you access to great fabrics that would normally be inaccessible. 

All of the fabrics listed on AmoThreads are deadstock, so this means that they are end of line, weren't wanted anymore (it might not have been what the original client wanted or they simply ordered too much) or they are simply no longer in use! Searching for them on our website, ordering them and using them in your projects means you’re helping us tackle this huge waste problem. By doing your part, you’re helping us doing ours and making this world a better place for us and the generations to come. 

But who is behind AmoThreads?

The Amazing Ryan! The nicest person you’ll ever meet, he’s behind our customer service with an amazing experience in hospitality and started his journey in the startup world by setting up his own condiment company! 

The Creative Sara! Behind the social media posts and newsletters, she has experience in product consulting and visual merchandising with some of the biggest brands in Portugal!

The Adviser Hugo! Behind all of the numbers and figures, he has a wide experience in Economics, so we take his advice seriously! 

We hope you enjoy getting to know us better and please feel free to ask us anything through here or via the live chat! 

We are always happy to help you and we love to hear you stories and ideas! We might be isolated here, but we hope this helps brighten up your day 💚