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325,000,000 litres of water saved so far through sales of deadstock💦

5 facts about waste in the fashion industry

Posted by Ryan Tindall on

When we think of pollution and waste on the planet, we automatically think of oil, fumes from cars and the endless amount of litter that is filling our seas. One area we don’t always think about is the world of fashion. Whilst the industry is becoming more conscious and now realising that changes need to be made, there are still major improvements that can be done.

We’ve put together just a few of the astonishing facts and figures:

  1. To produce just one pair of jeans it requires an astonishing 10,000 litres of water (2)

  2. The fashion industry is the second biggest contributor to pollution in the world, just after oil (1)

  3. The Apparel industry accounts for 10% of the global carbon emissions (2)

  4. When garments are cut out as patterns, for instance, as much as 15% of the fabric can end up on the cutting room floor (3)

  5. In the European Union, 9.4 billion tonnes of textile waste are either landfilled or incinerated (4)

How can using deadstock help this?

By using deadstock fabrics, you are helping to stop these fabrics go to the landfill. Not only this, but using these fabrics also helps save the water needed to make even more new ones.

Although there is still a lot of change that needs to be done, by buying deadstock means you can know that you helped save something, somewhere along the journey.